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Through the active leadership of our vicar, Rev. Bejoy Mathew Scaria the mission of the Emmanuel CSI Church’s Youth Group is to grow in faith and be enlightened by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our youth group continues to strengthen through the doctrines of the Anglican Communion and emphasizes on building hope for the future. We welcome youths from various backgrounds to join us and express their concerns, so that we may learn from one another and grow together as one.

Events for 2020

Ongoing - Our vicar’s continued support for the youth has enabled us to host both bible studies and praise and worship sessions at the parsonage on the second Saturday of each month. These sessions were originally initiated for the youth to refine our talents for second Sunday worship service. However the meetings have grown as an opportunity for young adults to learn about the word of God through individualized instruction with a focus on community involvement. 

House Visits - Visiting the sick and elderly is an important mission for the youth of Emmanuel CSI. The youth along with our vicar continue to visit members of the church to understand their struggles and provide prayerful support. 

Volunteering - The youth group has been blessed to participate in many volunteer activities.

 Praise and Worship – The Emmanuel CSI Church has tailored an opportunity for the youth to take part in a Praise and Worship service on the second Sunday of each month.

 Vacation Bible School – The youth group has been able to lend a helping hand to the annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) that is conducted by the church’s Sunday School. Under the direction of both the vicar and Sunday School headmaster the youth have engaged as teachers and event coordinators for the students.

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